Amplify Your Agility

Services and Solutions

Revamp your IT operations under a collaborative delivering environment with our DevOps services and solutions.

Our DevOps Service Offerings

We strive for best-in-class DevOps Services & Solutions that enhance business abilities and minimize development expenses.

We Deliver Diverse DevOps Solutions

We offer future-ready high-end DevOps solutions to streamline small to large business operations.

Automation Implementation
Our DevOps engineers provide automated solution & delivery, and Agile tool deployment to drive continuous innovation & high-performing solutions.
Microservices Management
At Tukoweb, our DevOps engineers use Docker, Kubernetes, & ECS to break apps into smaller services to increase app productivity & quality.
Legacy System Modernization
Our Legacy System Modernization approach follows intelligent automation re-engineering & rebuilding to improve operations & processes.
Infrastructure Security Audit
Tukoweb's cloud security audit ensures compliance, privacy, & risk identification, to enhance overall security by leveraging cutting-edge tools.
Roadmap & Strategy Planning
We collaborate to create a strategic DevOps roadmap for successful project development, streamlined processes, & performances with our planned strategies.
Tech, Tools & Services
We recommend top industry tools, platforms, & services, enable seamless integration & deliver exceptional digital experiences to customers.

Our DevOps Team & Their Expertise

Our DevOps team comprises different experts, here defining their key roles and responsibilities to achieve performance benchmarks.

Our BA & Scrum experts analyze your business needs, define processes, and ensure to organize the entire process.

Our experts keep track of codes, debugging, & testing cases under various environments to maintain & update the project.

Our engineers work with system operators & developers to configure, maintain & monitor product releases.

The Operational Specialists boost efficiency by optimizing maintenance, monitoring operations & perform issue management.