Digital Modernization
& Transformation Services

Automate, transform & modernize your enterprise processes with our digital modernization & transformation services to drive greater customer value.

Making Businesses Agile & Future-Ready

We implement business-specific solutions to make it budget-friendly and boost the revenue system to achieve future goals.

Our Digital Modernization Service Offerings

Tukoweb embraces cloud & effective methodologies, integrating them into a modern IT ecosystem with developers & cross-industry expertise.

Architecture Modernization
Tukoweb developers set objectives, and employ micro-services & modernization architecture, including monolithic to micro-services & cloud architecture.
Technology Modernization
Our tech modernization experts provide services like micro-frontends, cloud development, JavaScript migration to PWA/SPA, & server-side modernization.
UI/UX Modernization
Our UI/UX modernization team adopts the latest design trends & experiences to create engaging products that boost user engagement & business value.
Integration Modernization
With expertise in enterprise integration, we deliver a personal experience with communication protocol integration, 3rd party app, & API/SDK integration.
Data Engineering & AI
Tukoweb practices real-time decision-making using AI-powered data architecture to accelerate your data modernization & product customization.
Product Re-engineering
We enhance legacy products with new features & performance optimization and enable faster speed-to-market by product re-engineering.

Our Digital Modernization Process

We follow a unified digital modernization process to align the steps more closely based on your current business needs.

We understand your business needs to gain clarity on modernization needs and clear business outcomes to plan things accordingly and deliver insightful results.

We define the most suitable and accurate solution for app modernization and manage all the required team resources accordingly.

Now, our team assesses and drafts a digital transformation plan with guided strategies to define the development process.

By executing the planned strategies to achieve the goals, we modernize your legacy app and extend the required assistance.